Thomas A. Wilkerson, III
Phone: (215) 203-2050
“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Philippians 4:13) These are the words to live by for Thomas A. Wilkerson, III. This man of God is driven with a heart designed to serve and his dedication to ministry is apparent in all that he does. Thomas’ motivation and energy are the traits that instill the notion that there is no limit to the potential that God has for the fulfillment of His plan through 12 Stones Inc. He believes in the power of evangelism, and the promises of hope that correlate with the Bible. He utilizes all of his gifts and talents to enhance the mission that this endeavor is seeking to achieve. There is no task too large or too small to hold a substantial place In his heart and he approaches each one with the same enthusiasm. Thomas, who was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA is the epitome of a family man. He is a devoted and loving husband, father and grandfather who keeps God at the forefront of his household. Thomas interests include music and sports, most especially football. He has coached several teams in basketball, baseball and football over the years with zeal. He is a natural teacher who exercises patience and compassion always. Thomas recognizes that children are our future and is committed to making a difference in young lives. This graduate of Lancaster Bible College has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry. He looks forward to being ordained in 2018. His passion for teaching the Bible allows him to lead engaging and encouraging classes that ensure the spiritual growth for which Christians aspire. Thomas recognizes the importance of a solid relationship with Christ and is adamant about making the connection personal through Bible Study and fellowship. He preaches regularly and through sermons that touch the heart, he delivers encouragement, enlightenment, and mindful analysis. His “glass is half full” philosophy inspires those around him. Thomas’ musical gifts have served well to build the Kingdom. His aptitude and fervor in the musical industry dates back to high school. His years as a disc jockey have yielded an affinity for all types of music throughout the years. His expertise in the technological aspect of the entertainment industry has become a ministry in itself. He has been selected to serve as the Minister for Music for a multitude of events in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Additionally, he was appointed the Music Ministry Coordinator for The Salvation Army Philadelphia Kroc Corps, where he has directed and produced a vast array of events that have blessed more than we can count. He has implemented a mentoring program that teaches young adults in these areas. He leads the Men’s Fellowship Ministry working hard at influencing men to become involved and assume the roles as the backbone of the church. This demographic is a challenge that is common in most churches, but Pastor Wilkerson is determined to overcome that concept. The feeding ministry is another one that is a high priority for Thomas. He is moved by his heartfelt desire to make a difference in the lives of those in the community. His recognition of this intimate fellowship, and the impact that it has on families in a more personal way makes him a “go-to” person for many. His availability is highlighted by the sense of genuine concern that those that he encounters can perceive. He makes such a difference by listening to their concerns, and taking the necessary steps to find resolve for whatever is presented before him. He is relentless in his attempts to fill any reasonable need that he can satisfy. Thomas bridges the gap between Philadelphia bureaucracy and the community. He will roll up his sleeves and hit the streets in a heartbeat to monitor the pulse of the neighborhoods in order to meet their needs. He is an advocate and an aid for those residents seeking services and assistance that have difficulty making progress. He will find a way to connect the community to the resources required to ensure access that can improve the quality of their lives as often as possible. His viewpoint reflects the fact that people are the heart of the community, therefore it is important that all of the factors that influence them are sound, and productive in order for them to thrive. His vision reflects strength, solidarity and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Thomas’ leadership guarantees our ability to maintain the highest level of integrity most especially because of the commitment for accountability to our Lord and Savior.
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