Emily's Kitchen

Emily Diane Knight-Lewis was known as Dinky to her family and friends. She was a vibrant woman with a heart of gold. Her love of God was apparent, and her love for humankind was just as obvious. Her infectious smile lives on today in the hearts of all who knew her. Emily had a truly compassionate heart, most especially for those in need. She was compelled to make a difference in the lives of those that she could. Her vision led her to provide bag lunches for homeless and downtrodden men, women and children in her community. She would make sandwiches, add snacks and fruit to these meals, and place tracks in the bags. She was not only intent to provide them with a little nourishment for their bodies; she wanted to nourish their souls. She wanted them to know that somebody cared about them and that there was no such thing as hopelessness, not matter how things looked at that particular moment. She was a true blessing to many as she fulfilled her mission, and she serves as an inspiration for 12 Stones, Inc.



Our ministry, named after the friend that we love and miss is the continuation of her story and her vision. Emily’s Kitchen will provide meals for individuals and families that are in need. We trust that our intervention will add hope to the lives of those that are down on their luck, have lost their way, or feel that no one cares.

In addition to distributing lunches, with your assistance, we will be able to deliver groceries to homes of needy families. We intend to be a shoulder for them to lean on and a source of light in what may seem like a world of darkness for them. We hope that you can appreciate the magnitude of the little things in life that we take for granted. We are praising God for your generous donations to assist us in meeting these goals.

Standing true to our mission of supporting our communities, we know that the difference that we can make in the lives of our friends and neighbors will make them realize that they are connected to a bigger picture. We envision a brighter future on the horizon by instilling belief in something greater existing for those who cannot imagine a better life. We trust our ministry will develop relationships and faith.

We are grateful for any support that you can offer this ministry. We are able to provide you with documentation for your tax-deductible donations. We are also appreciative for volunteers to assist with, but not limited to food preparation, clothing inventory, deliveries, clerical services, and evangelism. We are also enthusiastic to receive referrals and recommendations for those that are in need of our assistance.

For more information about Emily’s Kitchen, to make a donation, or to volunteer, please contact Thomas Wilkerson 000.000.0000 or  Tamiko McRae-Wilkerson 215.285.2884.